Dr. Howard Steiger, Ph.D., psychologist

Dr. Howard Steiger, Ph.D, psychologist, is the director of the Douglas Institute’s Eating Disorders Continuum, associate member in psychology and full professor in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University. He is the author of numerous scientific publications on eating disorders and is currently the Associate Editor for the Journal of Eating Disorders and co-president of the committee for the Charter for a Healthy and Diversified Body Image. He was Associate Editor of the International Journal of Eating Disorders, president of the Eating Disorders Research Society (2007-2008) and member of the executive committee for the Academy for Eating Disorders (2007-2009). Throughout his prolific career, he was the recipient of many awards, including the Leadership Award for Clinical, Educational and Administrative Service of the renowned Academy for Eating Disorders.


  1. Recognize the DSM-V diagnostic criteria with regards to eating disorders
  2. Elaborate a case conceptualization (etiology and phenomenology) based on current concluding evidence.

  3. Intervene efficiently, starting from the “best practices”, while maintaining a position which supports the client’s autodetermination.

  4. Clarify the ingredients for the integrated treatment of eating disorders, while taking into account the presence of comorbidities.


Intervening with people suffering from eating disorders represents significant challenges. Clinicians who try to help these people are often confronted with a complex problematic, frequent comorbidities and often a lack of motivation to change harmful behaviours. Thankfully, current psychological treatments are integrated and effective to treat eating disorders. These treatments call on five larger strategies: behavioural, psychoeducational, family, nutritional and motivational therapies. The integrated treatment presented here is a considerable asset for all who will need to work with people who have eating preoccupations of varying degrees.

In this workshop, participants will learn to better evaluate eating disorders, while taking into account comorbidities and elaborating an evidence-based case conceptualization. Then, the main strategies and intervention techniques will be explained and presented, in a spirit of respect towards the autodetermination of an often difficult clientèle. This workshop is intended for psychotherapists and others who work with people who suffer from varying degrees of eating disorders. It is a unique opportunity to meet a world renown leader in the study of eating disorder treatments.




• Accredited Training of 12 hours (OPQ)

• Accredited Training of 12 hours (OTSTCFQ: S.W. and M.F.T)

Duration and level

Training of 12 hours on 2 days • 9AM to 4:30PM • beginner/intermediate

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No refund 5 business days prior to the training. Any cancellation after registration will result in an administration fee of $ 25.

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